Police crime recording methodology challenged


UKIP Communities spokesman Amjad Bashir is demanding a sea change in police methods of recording crimes following the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

“An official report has particularly highlighted the South Yorkshire Constabulary for wrongly describing 23% of rape reports as ‘no crime’, which just beggars belief,” said Mr Bashir, Yorkshire MEP.

“What has gone on in Rotherham is an appalling stain on the conscience of the nation and the more we learn about the council’s and police behaviour the more disturbing it becomes.

“Apparently the South Yorkshire force is still failing to record crimes against children and has an “unacceptable” culture of disregarding victims of serious crime .

“And it has been criticised in this report of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary for spending a “great deal of time” trying to “disprove” the word of victims rather than investigating offences. That is just terrible,” said Mr Bashir.

HMIC inspectors said: ‘This level of under-recorded crime is a significant cause of concern and is a matter of material and urgent importance, particularly as some of these relate to violence and sexual assault against vulnerable children.’

“We all know that news can be a one day wonder but there must be a tightening up of procedures so that reports of all alleged offences are property dealt with,” he continued.

“I am also appalled that so far not one person involved in the Rotherham situation -  police or council – has had the moral courage to resign. Heads must roll.

“The study also said that of 284 of cases they examined from West Yorkshire 97 crimes were not recorded, a term which means a report is initially recorded as a crime but subsequently dismissed.

“It is not just forces in Yorkshire that have been found wanting in regard to their handling but as the region’s MEP that is where my main concerns lie.

“The report has recommended in South Yorkshire that there should be an overhaul of the way that rape is reported and calls for an independent review of historical records in areas where recording was particularly poor.

“I fully support that and I for one which will not let this matter drop, it is much too important, said Mr Bashir.

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Rotherham abusers condemned

amjadbashFollowing the report over abuse of young girls by Asian men in Yorkshire, UKIP’s MEP Amjad Bashir, today spoke of the community’s shame.

Pakistani-born Mr Bashir, the party’s Community spokesman, said, “The whole community is ashamed of those men who have behaved so appallingly against vulnerable people.

“This is not a time to circle the wagons, people of Pakistani-descent, like the rest of the community, are outraged and they strongly feel that these young men have let the whole community down. 

“These young men are a small faction and do not represent the rest of us and we are ashamed of them and it is right they should face the stiffest of legal penalties.

“My father came to this country in the 1950′s and I followed in the early 60′s and we made our best efforts to fit in and have always been proud to be here.

“My father was a mill worker but always dressed in Western clothes and wore a shirt and tie at weekends and the next generation did the same.

“I am ashamed that these few young men born and bred here have descended into this way of thinking that British girls can be treated so badly. 

“Somehow over the last three or four decades it seems that these young men have lost their heritage and love for this country that previous generations felt,” said Mr Bashir, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

“I think we as a community have to speak up against it and say we will not tolerate it. They are a tiny minority and the rest of the community are disgusted that they have put us in such a bad light.

“I am urging the community to get together to say these men do not represent us. They should be demonised and held to account. We who come from Pakistan abhor and hold in contempt these people.

“I am a believer in Islam and our religion says that orphans should be looked after. Those young people in care homes are very vulnerable and easy targets for attacks and true believers in Islam would protect not harm them.

“The whole community is holding its head down in shame because of those few and we should not be afraid to say so. Pakistanis have always been proud to live here and live by British standards and feel very let down by these young men and their despicable activities.

“Meanwhile Rotherham Council cannot hold its head high and it is right that this situation has been fully exposed,” said Mr Bashir.



MEP opposes Vacuum Cleaner Ban

amjadpiccHouseholders planning to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner have been advised by local MEP Amjad Bashir to act quickly before an EU ban comes into force.

From September 1 companies will be prohibited from manufacturing or importing any vacuum cleaners with motors above 1,600 watts.

“This is being done in the name of tackling climate change but the reality is it will do nothing to help and just make life harder for house-proud householders,” said Mr Bashir, UKIP Euro-MP.

“The reality is this legislation is another reminder of why we need to leave the European Union.

“The average vacuum cleaner currently on the market in this country has a 1,800W motor but the ever-interfering EU bureaucrats want to limit them to 1,600 from next month. And from 2017 they will be limited even further, down to 900W. 

“The consumer group, Which? has pointed out that many of the models that its reviewers rate as the best on the market will fall foul of these rules. 

“How dare the European Commission dictate which machines we can or can’t use. In every walk of life our choices are increasingly limited by these faceless bureaucrats.

I am also concerned that this reduction in motor power may affect the those suffering from lung conditions, such as asthma, which can be exacerbated by dust mite allergy.

“UKIP’s policies include scrapping the 2008 Climate Change Act which is responsible for other ridiculous restrictions on our day to day life and has led to a rise in energy costs.”


Everybody needs good neighbours

Shaking Hands

A study showing the health benefits of having good neighbours has been highlighted by UKIP community spokesman Amjad Bashir.

“This research shows that older people living in areas where they do not like or trust their neighbours are notably more likely to suffer heart attacks,” said Mr Bashir, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

“This study was in America but I have no doubt that it holds just as true for people in this country and it is important that it is not overlooked.

“We have an increasing population of elderly people – with 10 million  over  65 year- olds now and a further 5.5 million anticipated in 20 years time – and naturally health issues become more likely with age.

“It is already known that loneliness and depression have adverse health risks and now this study reveals that those living in areas where they do not feel part of the community and fear for their safety have a higher rate of heart attacks.

“Those who rated their area the most neighbourly were 67% less likely to have a heart attack during the study.

“I intend to involve myself as much as possible with local community issues, particularly those involving the elderly, and trying to foster good community relations.  

“Modern life involves increasing stress but we can all work together and as good neighbours resolve petty issues before they escalate out of proportion. Communication is key so that misunderstandings and misconceptions do not fester,” said Mr Bashir.

Researchers at the University of Michigan looked at data on 5,300 people with an average age of 70, of whom 148 had heart attacks over four years.

Reach out to the Elderly


Local MEP Amjad Bashir has welcomed a campaign – Be A Friend – launched by the Friends of the Elderly, to encourage people to initiate “everyday interactions” with older neighbours and family members to help combat loneliness.

“This initiative is designed to help reduce the projected increase in the number of older people feeling lonely and I whole-heartedly support this move,” said Mr Bashir, UKIP’s Community spokesman.

“Research by the charity shows that the number of older people feeling lonely will rise by 40% by 2030 and it anticipates that around seven million over 60s would be reporting loneliness in 2030, compared to 5.25 million today.

“It has also found that eight in ten people do not have regular contact with older people and more than half feel they do not know their neighbours well enough to have a conversation with them.

“These are alarming statistics and we all need to do what we can to help combat this problem. The days when everyone knew their neighbours have sadly gone but we can all try to do our bit to foster such community spirit,” said Mr Bashir.

“I do not believe that the headlong rush to get everyone on the internet has helped such spirit and the study actually shows that the increasing shift by organisations including utility companies to carrying out their activities via the web will mean hundreds of thousands of pensioners being virtually cut off.

“While we are all familiar with ‘silver surfers’ the web has left many other older people out in the cold and this in itself is adding to their isolation in the community. Many people spend increasing amounts of time on their computers, tablets, mobiles etc and have less interaction with their neighbours and local communities.

“In my role as UKIP Communities spokesman I intend to do everything I can to help everyone engage in their local community for the benefit of all.

“We should all try to be a friend to those we meet, particularly the elderly,” he added.




Paying respects to the Fallen


A special commemorative service to mark the deaths of Indian soldiers who fought for Britain in the First World War was held in Bradford this week.

The event, at a Bradford mosque, was organised by UKIP Communities and Commonwealth spokesman, Amjad Bashir.

“It is important to remember that one in six of those who sacrificed their lives in this terrible conflict for the Allies were from the British Empire, mainly from India,” said Mr Bashir, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

“They came from various faiths, but were mainly Moslem and I thought that it would be a fitting tribute to mark their bravery and self-sacrifice by having centenary prayers and service of remembrance.

“This has been arranged to begin at 11pm on Monday – exactly 100 years to the time Britain declared war.

“It is vital that communities live and work together harmoniously, regardless of their ethnicity or faith, and I see building bridges and strengthening respect and lines of communication at the forefront in my role as Communities spokesman,” said Mr Bashir.

“The service was at the Sayyidah Aminah Jamia Masjid,117 Fagley Roads, Bradford, BD2 3LB and was a chance to commemorate the community spirit that existed during WWI both in this country and in our armed forces,” said Mr Bashir.


Pictured at the ceremony -  Deputy High Commission Pakistan, Mr Kalil Bajwa, Mr Amjad Bashir’s regional officer Paul Latham and Imam Sajid mahmood Zia Farashvi Sayada Aminah Jamiah Masjid.