parliMEP Amjad Bashir has been appointed Communities spokesman for UKIP

Mr Bashir, newly-elected Euro-MP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, said, “I am honoured to have been given this very important area of responsibility.

“As a nation be should be proud of our success in bringing about an integrated but diverse people, all working together for a successful and prosperous Britain.

“The Commonwealth Games in Scotland are a tangible demonstration of the strength of this union and the promotion of excellence.”


Praise for the Commonwealth Games


Dear Sir,

It was such a wonderful sight to see the 42 nations of the Commonwealth coming together in a chance to showcase the best of their sporting talent.

The competition is serious, but friendly and in the spirit you would expect of a community of countries that has been through good times and bad together, and whose ties are unbreakable.

The fact that athletes have trained for years and travelled from all corners of the globe to compete shows that the countries involved treat this every bit as seriously as the Olympics.

Although the opening ceremony had Susan Boyle rather than Danny Boyle, it was great to see the jubilation and enthusiasm on the competitors’ faces, and I will be watching as much of the games as possible.

Those critics who say no-one is interested in the Commonwealth anymore, or that it is outdated, have been proven wrong.

Yours faithfully

Amjad Bashir MEP



The Commonwealth Games are a “fantastic” demonstration of why Britain must support its member countries, said UKIP MEP Amjad Bashir today.

“We have been dragged into ever closer union with the EU at the expense of our traditional close ties to the Commonwealth countries and that must change,” said Mr Bashir, UKIP’s Commonwealth spokesman.

“The spectacular opening ceremony will have captured the imagination of millions of people across the globe and the Games highlight the sporting best of our partner countries.

“But it is not just top class sportsmen and women that these countries have to offer but trading opportunities. It is wrong that we have been forced to virtually turn out backs on the Commonwealth – our kith and kin – in favour of the European Union, to which we do not have they same historic links,” said Mr Bashir, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

“In her Commonwealth Day message earlier this year our Queen eloquently summed it up by saying, ‘We belong together and are able, through teamwork, to achieve far more than we could do alone.’

“In my book that says it all and as UKIP Commonwealth spokesman I am going to do all that I can to strengthen our links and help get the UK out of the grip of Brussels.

“Also the Scottish independence referendum is almost upon us and I hope that the Scots take on board the Queen’s message and vote to stay in the UK. I was dismayed to learn that the Union flag has been banned from the cultural festival running alongside the Games but I suspect as the Scots are a canny nation they will make the right decision on voting day.”




New measures to prevent female genital mutilation have been welcomed by UKIP communities spokesman Amjad Bashir.

“This barbaric practice has been illegal in this country since 1985 but it is only this year that there have been prosecutions,” he said.

A £1.4m prevention programme aimed at ending the practice was unveiled recently by David Cameron at a global summit in London.

“It is obviously difficult to investigate this crime but it is one we must urgently address.”

“This is a widespread practice in 29 countries in Africa and also in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries and it is estimated that up to 170,000 women and girls living in England and Wales could have undergone it.

“There is no medical reason for this practice, which can take different forms, and it can lead to infection, permanent pain on urination, infertility and even death in childbirth. It causes physical as well as psychological harm and must be stamped out.” said Mr Bashir, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

“It is very much a hidden situation but it is a terrible violation of female rights. It is a tradition but that does not make it acceptable. Many traditions are wonderful and should be preserved but this is not one of them,” he said.

“I believe that the situation is slowly improving but yet across the globe 30 million girls are at risk and that is dreadful. Here in this country we must do as much as we can to change attitudes and help lead the way forward.

“Forced marriage is another serious problem, which also violates women’s’ rights, and I am pleased that that issue is also to be addressed at the summit,” said Mr Bashir.



Hypocrisy in Brussels


Dear Sir,

I have now competed just my second week as Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, and although I knew it wouldn’t be long before I saw some of the rank hypocrisy we in UKIP know the EU have perfected over the years, even I wasn’t expecting to see it on day one, and so blatantly.

If a member of the public travelled from Bradford to Brussels, (I don’t recommend it) they would not be able to smoke for the entire journey from the taxi from their house to the station, on the train to London, on the Euro star, then on the Brussels metro to the Parliament. The politicians have decided we are not allowed to do that.


Once in Brussels, like in the UK, you can’t smoke in buildings the public have access too, oh, except one, the Parliament.

The EU has decided that they don’t have to follow the rules that have been set for the public to obey.  This might be seen as just a minor point, of little consequence to the outside world, but the trouble is, this hypocritical attitude carries through to very important areas.

It seems there is nothing the EU enjoys more than criticising dodgy elections in numerous non EU nations, serious concerns are raised and terms like ‘undemocratic’ are banded around with smug superiority.

Yet just a few days ago a new EU president was elected by a significant majority, not because he was favoured above the other candidates but because the EU would not allow anyone else to stand and insisted he was the only candidate. Even elections in Zimbabwe have more than one candidate.

This level of hypocrisy is damaging not just to the EU, but globally. How can the EU expect what may be legitimate concerns to be taken seriously when it is undertaking the same or worse practises?

I will do my best to provide you with regular updates, so you can judge for yourself what you think of the EU, but considering the events of the first 14 days don’t be expecting me to recommend this place on TripAdvisor.

Amjad Bashir MEP

A whirlwind few weeks

Dear all,
What a phenomenal and whirlwind few weeks!
It felt like entering a massive university campus, for the first time.
After being rescued twice I decided I would find my own way, even if it took me all day.
But that is where the fun stopped and abruptly at that.
We witnessed, what can only be described as Blatant macho European nationalism on the opening ceremony performed in Strasbourg.
As tall, broad chested men in military fatigue, accompanied by music from a live band, performed a well rehearsed  goose step march at the raising of the distinctive European  flag, we were forced to demonstrate our disgust by turning our backs to the whole charade.
Apart from anything else the band was not a patch on that from the “Khyber Rifles”,
The following day, we had the parody of electing the president of the European Parliament.
Nigel Farage, leader of UK Independence Party and EFDD  (Europe of freedom and direct democracy) spoke for us all when he derided the whole shambolic performance  because of it’s lack of democracy. It had been a stitch-up between the major groups to enthrone Martin Schultz as President of the EU and Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Commission. These arch federalist’s  aren’t  prepared to take account of the earthquake that has taken place across Europe in the May elections.  They hold democracy and the electorate in low esteem, if not in utter contempt.
In Brussels, we had a surprise visit by president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker.
After, affording him all due hospitality and listening to his claim that he wanted to work with Great Britain. We put him to the test. In a vain attempt to sooth our concerns and frustration about the loss of our national identity, he stated there wasn’t the existence of a European people. We questioned his belief because he leads the “European People’s Party”.
He  categorically stated that there could be no negotiations on the principle of   European people’s freedom of movement. This fundamentally means we can’t control our borders and we leave ourselves open to mass uncontrolled migration from Europe. He was not interested In democracy and the Eurosceptic success in the elections meant nothing to him.
His interpretation of democracy is where you vote to elect the president of the European Commission from a list that has ONE name on it!
That name is Jean-Claude Juncker!
Also, to add salt to the wound, the vote will take place as a secret ballot?
On another note, we have all managed to get on the committees we wanted but all the major groups have colluded and conspired to prevent us from chairing or even being voted as vice-chairs.  This goes against the European voting principle known as D’honst.
This prevents the big parties from hogging all the positions of authority. Democracy and rules don’t come as priorities to people who don’t respect the results of national referendums unless the result is the one they seek.
Last week , I was honoured to be asked by Nigel Farage to act on behalf of UKIP as the spokesman for “culture and the communities”.
As someone who realised with all due haste success meant I had to learn English  and enthusiastically  embrace the culture of the people if I was to enjoy the fruits of my hard work and the opportunities available in  this wonderful country of ours.
I recognise and values an overarching , unifying British culture, which is open and inclusive to anyone who wishes to identify with Britain and British values.
I hope that with God’s help, I will be able to deliver this message to all our communities.
A few days ago, I had the opportunity to deliver my maiden speech. Whilst full of trepidation, I thought i would get the monkey off my back and dived in.
Condemnation had rightly been made about a religious minority being persecuted abroad and whilst agreeing with that condemnation I added that this oppression takes place because of poverty. The rich can defend themselves. The EU can help by taking down their protectionist barriers and lift them out of poverty by trading with them in a fair and equitable way.
Amjad Bashir
UKIP MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincs


CanvassingDear friends,
here is a picture of the team canvassing in support of Alan Henderson. This is for a by election for the local authority elections on thursday 27th July. Hot and thirsty work but hoping for a sizzler of a UKIP result. 


Amjad Bashir
UKIP MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincs

‘Unjust Policy’ should be dropped


The EU should open up free trade with developing countries to help prevent citizens having to resort to seeking asylum to improve their families’ lives, according a newly elected Euro-MP.

the comments came during a debate on what the EU should achieve over its next five year term, and were voiced by Amjad Bashir, Ukip MEP for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

In the Strasbourg debating chamber Mr Bashir said: “There are injustices in every poor country, what we in the European Parliament need to do to stop people dying in places like Lampedusa is to have open trade with these countries to lift them out of poverty, so they don’t have to resort to trying to claim asylum.”

Lampedusa is 20 sq km Italian island, and is a target destination for refugees fleeing poverty in North Africa. Many do not survive the trip. More than 30,000 asylum seekers a year have been known to pass through the island.

Last October up to 350 African refugees died of the cost of Lampedusa, when their overcrowded boat caught fire and sank.

Additionally, in recent months the EU has banned the import of mangoes from the Indian subcontinent, due to what many see as meaningless over-regulation. The move has left some farmers further impoverished by the loss of a year’s income.

After the debate, Mr Bashir added: “The EU’s racist protectionism places many tariffs on imports from third world countries, that don’t exist if we import from EU nations.

 “The policy is costing lives, families hoping for a better life are drowning together. We need to drop this unjust policy and we need to drop it now.”



Letter regarding the Tour de France


Dear Sir,

As a proud Yorkshire man I am delighted that our beautiful county was chosen for the opening stages of the Tour de France.

We can’t boast of mountains as high as the Pyrenees but the glorious Yorkshire Dales and the rugged Pennines gave the contestants a challenge while cycling through some of the most wonderful countryside in the world.

It attracted a phenomenal number of spectators and provided a welcome boost for the local tourist industry this weekend.

If Yorkshire wasn’t on the map for some as a holiday destination before this priceless national and international publicity it certainly is now. And I welcome that with open arms.

Yours faithfully

Amjad Bashir MEP